3forward’s co-founders, Dan Hudson and Matt Smith, collectively have more than fifty years experience in sales, sales leadership, marketing and alliances.  They are career sales professionals with a passion for both quota success and customer satisfaction.

Dan Hudson

Dan Hudson

A 3forward co-founder and company president, Dan Hudson has more than 25 years of executive sales leadership and excels in innovative growth strategies, developing sales alliances and creating winning teams.

Before joining 3forward, Dan built and led national sales teams for companies such as TRW, IBM, DecisionOne and BancTec where he has been responsible for creating new markets, expanding existing relationships and developing both direct and indirect sales organizations.

Dan has experience in many industries, including technology, healthcare, IT services, outsourcing, telecommunications, computing hardware and financial services.

Matt Smith

Matt b&w filter - cropped

A 3forward co-founder and executive vice president, Matt Smith has a sales background of more than 25 years and expertise in strategic selling, alliances, marketing and communications.

Previous to 3forward, Matt has held leadership positions in sales, marketing and alliances and directed solution and pricing teams for outsourcers and technology companies.  He has worked for and with many global and emerging outsourcers and most of the leading technology companies from the last twenty years.  Matt is also a member of the Software Advisory Board for the Marketing Automation Software Guide.

Matt has experience in many industries, including IT services, outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, banking, transportation and software.


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