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Where Are Your Best Sales Prospects Hiding?

Posted April 8th by Dan Hudson

Before winning business from your perfect customer you first must determine your perfect prospect.  We talked about this process at one of our recent webinars called “Hiding in Plain Sight -Segmenting and Prospect Profiling“. Materials from our webinar provide a …

How You Sell Matters More Than Ever

Posted July 9th by Matt Smith

Is your selling process a “one trick pony?” 2010 continues to be a tough selling year for many companies.  3forward is seeing strong signals that business activity is increasing but many of the firms still tell us that their sales …

Webcast: Hiding In Plain Sight – Segmenting and Prospect Profiling

Posted May 2nd by Matt Smith

Download Slides: “Hiding In Plain Sight” (pdf) Sales teams today cannot afford to spend valuable time and resources pursuing mass markets or poorly selected segments.  Knowing where to focus however is not always immediately obvious.   Sales leaders and marketing both …

Getting Started With Prospect Segmentation

Posted April 6th by Dan Hudson

With 2010 well underway your sales teams are undoubtedly working hard to target and pursue the right kinds of leads, or are they? Too many companies don’t spend the necessary time determining and then profiling their ideal client. Often they …

How To Track Competitors

Posted February 1st by Matt Smith

How To Track Your Competitors & Uncover Their Not So Hidden Secrets – Competitive Intelligence – PDF

Everest Group Selects 3forward for Insights(tm) Sales Assistance

Posted January 19th by Matt Smith

Dallas, TX, 3forward today announced they have been selected by global consulting and research firm Everest Group to assist in the release and sales of Everest InsightsTM.  This new offering helps sales organizations of outsourcing suppliers significantly improve account targeting …

Marketing or Sales, Which Comes First?

Posted December 10th by 3forwardadmin

This question is a real dilemma for many companies that have separate sales and marketing organizations.  In many companies there is a definite disconnect between the two departments. Marketing may feel that their mission is to establish a brand, provide …

Are You Sales Ready?

Posted November 2nd by Matt Smith

At last year’s OutsourceWorld conference in NY (now called the Global Sourcing Forum+Expo, New York City, November 11-12, 2009) 3forward colleague Dan Hudson and I were shocked by the lack of sales readiness demonstrated by so many providers. (For the …

Change Sales Strategy to Win Anchor Clients

Posted October 16th by Dan Hudson

These three keys: better targeting, early involvement from senior executives and a unique anchor client sales strategy, can be the difference between a win and a loss when trying to break into new relationships.

First Work Smart, Then Work Hard

Posted October 10th by Matt Smith

Too many companies skip past these necessary steps in marketing planning and proceed directly to promotion efforts like branding and lead generation. When that happens, the typical results are wasted marketing funds and lost time.