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You are the CEO – the last one out the door every night and the one ultimately accountable for everything performing to expectations. Of all the functions you oversee, sales is possibly the most critical, is it not? When was the last time you had a board meeting where that topic didn’t come up?

Can you respond with confidence when your Board of Directors asks how sales are looking this year?

Fortunate CEO’s have a sales leader who, through communications, behavior and process transparency, provides their boss all the insight they need to always feel on top of the sales function. This is true whether the sales news is good or not.

What CEO’s should expect from their sales leadership:

  • Manage their sales team to consistently “make the number”
  • Define and execute a sales strategy aligned with company goals
  • Commitment to a sales process that the C-Team understands, trusts and can measure
  • Alignment with marketing on lead creation responsibility and goals
  • A “sales investment plan” to ensure continued improvement in win rates, sales revenue growth and sales effectiveness

Is your company’s sales model meeting these standards? CEO’s must be able to inspect sales and the selling process with the same level of rigor they apply to any other critical business function. They need a sales leader who understands that reality and works with the CEO and C-Team as though it’s the company’s accounts and pipeline, not the private property of their sales reps.

How 3FORWARD helps CEOs become sales process change agents.

3FORWARD works with CEOs, presidents and company owners to help you – and your sales leader – improve sales results.  Our services address the three most important success factors in the selling discipline:

  • Improving sales effectiveness, including defining the best markets, targets and sales model, so you are sure the sales team aligns with your overall company strategy
  • Optimizing sales revenue planning to improve revenue alignment and measurability, setting pipeline and lead generation goals, sizing the sales team and setting quotas
  • Lead ReadyTM Demand Generation Service – a fully managed demand gen program, including content creation, in-bound marketing, social network engagement, out-bound messaging, lead nurturing, reporting and tracking

If you are interested in discussing our services, or learning about similar work we have done for other company leaders, please drop us a note with the best time to talk.

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