Chief Sales Officers

“The economic downturn has placed even greater pressure on the sales function, seeing its leaders tasked with increasing sales effectiveness while external forces have reduced the number of real opportunities and threatened top-line growth.”

AberdeenGroup, Sales Performance Management, August 2010.

Sales Leaders, you deserve a great corner-man

Sales leaders often feel it’s all up to them. Granted, that responsibility goes with the territory, but it’s still helpful to have that veteran bench when it’s needed. Sales Leaders, 3FORWARD is in your corner; ready to provide our experience, knowledge and insight to help you reach your revenue goals faster than going it alone.

Achieving Best-in-Class performance from your sales team can happen remarkably fast – provided – you have these three pieces in place.

  • Understand the key differences in the way Best-in-Class sales teams perform compared to everyone else.
  • A plan to prioritize, implement and transition your sales organization on the changes you need to make.
  • Resources to make those changes at the same time you are managing the sales team to your current year goals.

Whether you’re a veteran sales leader or new to the top role, finding enough time in the day is the toughest challenge you face. 3FORWARD gives Sales Leaders time back in your day by helping you complete important projects like sales process design, account planning, new market entry plans, forecasting / pipeline dashboards and even sales transitions.

How 3FORWARD helps Chief Sales Officers

3FORWARD works with chief sales officers and sales leaders to help them maximize their time and continue improving results. Our services address the three most important success factors in the selling discipline:

  • Lead Ready™ Demand Generation Service – a fully managed demand gen program, including content creation, in-bound marketing, social network engagement, out-bound messaging, lead nurturing, reporting and tracking
  • Optimizing sales revenue planning to improve revenue alignment and measurability, setting pipeline and lead generation goals, sizing the sales team and setting quotas
  • Improving sales effectiveness, including defining the best markets, targets and sales model, so you are sure the sales team aligns with your overall company strategy

3FORWARD helps Sales Leaders stay focused on hitting current year goals while we complete critical, but time-taxing projects you need done behind the scenes.

Our goal is to quickly and permanently help you improve sales performance with game changing, best-practice processes you then manage on your own. We complete most of our sales performance programs within six weeks or less, and sometimes just a day or two with you and your sales managers is all that is needed.

Want to talk about what we do and how it’s worked for other Sales Leaders? In thirty minutes or less we can both decide if more time together makes sense.

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