Finding Leads

Changing buyer behaviors require B2B marketers to communicate with prospects and customers in new ways, by delivering content that is personalized to their needs, role, level of interest, and stage of problem solving.  This has made marketing automation a mission-critical system for B2B marketers, but too many marketing leaders head down the automation path without fully realizing what they are getting into.  They need to prepare for the use of the technology by having:

  1. A lead-to-revenue process model to automate
  2. Content to support the message and responses
  3. A marketing organization that is ready to support the technology

“B2B Marketers Must Better Prepare for Marketing Automation,” Forrester

Best-in-class sales organizations are very good at finding, creating and qualifying leads into their sales funnel.   We call this area Above the Funnel and it’s a part of the B2B sales lifecycle process we’ve been perfecting our entire careers.

This experience has taught us how to build, launch and run b2b lead generation programs that find, nurture and qualify sales leads. And we know tried and true ways of bringing marketing and sales together in the battle for the vital Sales Qualified Lead.

3FORWARD help B2B companies find Sales-Ready leads faster.

LEAD READY™ enables you to increase sales effectiveness by better focusing on higher probability targets. Win rates increase and so do revenues. Each of our LEAD READY™ options provide the following results:

  • Defining specific ‘lead-to-sales’ definitions, promotion stages and conversion targets for managing and measuring the complete end-to-end lead lifecycle.
  • Creating and formalizing a lead qualification and advancement strategy based on alignment with each stage of your targeted clients’ buying process.
  • Establishing a demand generation insights dashboard to provide your Sales and Marketing leadership with visibility of current and projected lead pipeline values.

Our experience, templates, resources and knowledge of best practices can save you months of time – helping you reach your lead creation goals much faster than on your own.  We love talking with CMO’s and Sales Leaders about best practices for creating their B2B leads.

Would you like our perspective on where companies succeed – and struggle – in their attempts Above the Funnel? Let’s connect.