Most companies can achieve best-in-class sales results simply by improving three areas of their sales and marketing process. Why don’t they?

Improving Your Sales Effectiveness Starts Here

  • Lead Ready Demand Generation™
    Ensuring your sales team has the qualified leads they need to grow the sales pipeline month-in, month-out
  • Sales Effectiveness Optimization™
    Helps CEOs and Sales Leaders improve sales process, territory management and account planning, lead and sales pipeline management and sales dashboards
  • Sales Revenue Assurance™
    A tightly integrated suite of tools allowing CEOs, Sales Leaders and Demand Gen teams to quickly assess and predict the four major components of their company’s sales and revenue plan

We keep it simple. 3FORWARD’s services address the top THREE goals most Chief Sales Officers have for improving sales effectiveness. Get these right and your sales organization is on it’s way to best-in-class results.

  1. Optimizing Lead Generation Programs
  2. Formalizing Sales Process
  3. Aligning Sales Planning and Revenue Goals

There are a lot of sales consulting, training and coaching options out there, but we prefer a simple menu of proven favorites. Our sales effectiveness programs are designed around one goal, helping your firm improve sales results today- not next year.

Are you a CEO, Chief Sales Officer or senior Marketing executive tired of hoping for best-in-class sales results AND committed to making the changes to get there?

We complete most of our projects within six weeks or less, and sometimes just a day or two with the management team is all that is needed. Are you interested in how we have helped other sales teams improve their results? Connect with 3FORWARD.

Clients and Associations:

CapgeminiUnisysTenet Health CareDecision OneEverest GroupCompucomConiferflower 8Forthright SolutionsMarketAccelOutsourcing InstituteSocial Media Breakfast DallasSoftware Advisory Board

Lead Ready™ Demand Generation Programs

Does your sales team have enough qualified leads to make their sales number month in and month out?

Lead Ready™ provides a ready-to-launch service for finding, developing and converting leads to sales-ready opportunities. Lead Ready™ covers areas such as:

  • Content strategy, nurturing and drip plans
  • Segmentation modeling and recommendations
  • Lead scoring design
  • Marketing automation research and recommendations
  • Social media engagement strategies
  • Transition of steady state Lead Ready(TM) program to internal team

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Sales Effectiveness Optimization™

Selling is a process that can be defined and controlled. Best in class sales organizations employ the same systematic application of science and math to their sales process as they do to manufacturing or finance.

Customized and focused on areas such as:

  • Customized selling process for the complex B2B sales relationship
  • All phases of the sales lifecycle: target profiling, account prioritization, prospect development, qualification, opportunity identification, pursuit strategy, and account expansion
  • Includes workflow, templates, management metrics
  • Sales calendar and manager training

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Sales Revenue Assurance™

Sales success and therefore company revenue is a function of three tightly integrated sales processes: 1) lead generation, 2) sales pipeline and 3) sales team size and effectiveness.  Our powerful SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE™ Success Kit addresses each of these processes – one at a time – then caries results forward from one process to the next.  

Sales planning becomes dynamic, predictive and scientific

  • Easily customized to fit virtually every B2B sales model – from start up to enterprise
  • Each Sales Process template features 5 to 20 input options, allowing for an unlimited number of results simulations
  • All Process templates include detailed instructions, best-in-class benchmarks and formula definitions

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