Sales Effectiveness Optimization™

3FORWARD’s SALES EFFECTIVENESS OPTIMIZATION™ helps CEOs and Sales Leaders improve sales process, territory management, account planning, lead and sales pipeline management and sales metrics dashboards.

  • Applies the science of sales process optimization to improving the quantity and quality of sales leads and qualified opportunities
  • Creates specific improvements and action plans to increase sales results
  • Builds a dynamic, highly transparent sales dashboard for monitoring, tracking and forecasting all stages of your lead lifecycle and sales pipeline.

CEOs, Sales and Marketing leaders gain the visibility they need to measure, predict and manage the revenue generation engine.


SALES OPTIMIZATION™ Workshop For Package Details and Pricing Click Here
An intensive and comprehensive two-day sales effectiveness review for CEOs, company owners and their sales leadership.  We go inside the numbers to establish the sales revenue forecast, target pipelines, lead generation requirements, sales team sizing and more.  Includes an inside view of the secrets to best-in-class sales organizations to help you prioritize your focus and strategy for improving your selling effectiveness.

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SALES OPTIMIZATION™ Playbook For Package Details and Pricing Click Here
After completing the SALES OPTIMIZATION™ Workshop, 3FORWARD creates your customized sales leadership playbook.  This fully documented end-to-end sales plan includes finalized workflows, procedures and templates for each of the four critical elements of your company’s optimized selling process.

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