Sales Effectiveness

Just what is Sales Effectiveness and why is it important?  Here is a helpful Wikipedia sales effectiveness definition.

“Sales effectiveness has historically been used to describe a category of technologies and consulting services aimed at helping companies improve their sales results.  By analyzing sales force performance, managers can make changes to optimize sales going forward. Toward that end, there are many ways to gauge the performance of individual salespeople and of the sales force as a whole, in addition to total annual sales.” 

The focus of 3FORWARD’s SALES EFFECTIVENESS OPTIMIZATION™ programs are to help CEOs and Sales Leaders improve sales process, territory management, account planning, lead and sales pipeline management and sales metrics dashboards.  Additionally, our offerings specifically implement processes aligned to the following recognized best practices:

Best Practice




Formal Prospect Definition 9% improvement in win rate

CSO Insights

2011 Sales Performance Optimization
Engaging prospects in the Window of Dissatisfaction Close ratios at this stage average between 60% and 90% (vs 1% at status quo and 20% at researching options)

Craig Elias, Tibor Shanto

Research performed for SHIFT, 2010
Marketing Automation of Demand Generation Best-in-Class create 50% of sales pipeline from marketing generated leads

Aberdeen Group

Optimizing the Marketing to Sales Lead Lifecycle, 2011
Lead Nurturing On average, organizations that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those organizations that do not

Marketing Sherpa

2012 Lead Generation Benchmark
Defined Sales Process 29% improvement in sales reps achieving quota

CSO Insights

2011 Sales Management Optimization Study

How 3FORWARD helps CEOs and Sales Leaders increase sales effectiveness.

It’s not that most sales leaders don’t know the right things to do to improve their sales results. Many however do lack the time and resources to make the needed changes in their sales processes – while managing the team to the current year’s goals.

In addition to sales effectiveness optimization we give you time back in your day by taking care of important projects like sales process design, account planning, new market entry plans, forecasting / pipeline dashboards and even sales transitions.   So, you can concentrate on what you do best – getting the most out of your sales teams.

We HAVE done this before.

Our goal is to quickly and permanently help you improve sales effectiveness and performance with game changing, best-practice processes you then manage on your own. We complete most of our custom sales programs within six weeks or less, and sometimes just a day or two with you and your sales managers is all that is needed.

What makes our sales effectiveness consulting services different?  Because we’re more than consultants, we roll up our sleeves and dig in to get the job done.  We take time to listen to you and learn about your industry and everyday sales challenges.  And we know the complexities of B2B sales pipelines and sales cycles.  If you are interested in improving the effectiveness of your sales force, contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together.