A Salesman’s Christmas Story

The end of the year was approaching so fast

But the salesman’s performance showed him in last

He realized right now that his actions weren’t bold

The leads passed from marketing had gotten quite cold

He looked with despair at his pipeline so small

To get back on plan, he would have to close it all


He picked up his phone and started to dial

But finding the prospects was an arduous trial

Voicemails, emails, he tried all his tricks

But all of his prospects were waiting for St. Nick

He knew in his heart that he had been lazy

He prayed that his future here wouldn’t be hazy


Next year would be different he vowed out loud

No longer would leads languish about

Time helps no sales or so I’ve been told

Marketing will be proud that I’m carrying my load

I will pounce on hot leads like a lion on prowl

And when I close them, how I will howl!

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