Teller or Seller, Which Are You?

Your Answer is Hopefully Neither!

Several recent articles I have read indicate there is still a hug gap between issues and problems facing companies and a sales persons ability to discuss those problems in a meaningful way.  Too often sales people either do a data dump on their product or service or they follow scripted questions designed to drive the prospect to a conclusion that that favors their firm.

These two approaches have one major flaw; they don’t differentiate you from your competition.  Every company including ours has issues and problems we face every day. What we need from sales people calling on us is someone that can demonstrate knowledge of our issues and can provide real insight on how they solved those issues in similar situations – and in a measurable way.

So put away the ‘speeds and feeds” and make sure your sales teams know their prospect’s issues before they walk in the door.  You prospect will appreciate it and your sale people will be more productive.

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