Not Just a Webinar – It’s the First Test of Your 2012 Sales Plan!

CSO Insights and 3FORWARDHow To Get The Most out of 3FORWARD’s 2012 Sales Planning Webinar with CSO Insights

There is an old military adage that says, “Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance!” Our upcoming webinar with CSO Insights managing partner Jim Dickie, Revenue 2012: Making it Happen Versus Hoping it Happens, will teach you proper sales planning for these tough times!

To help you prepare your sales plan for 2012 we first want to help you get ready for the webinar itself.  Here’s your Webinar Action Plan to make sure you get the most benefit.

Revenue 2012: Webinar Action Plan

Step One:  Set and Confirm 2012 Sales Goals and Targets

Step Two:  Do the Math on Your Sales Opportunity Pipeline

Step Three:  Finalize and Validate Your Sales Plan

  • Review your completed goals, challenges, investments, sales plan, lead and pipeline analysis.
  • List any questions you want to ask Jim or Dan during the webinar.
  • Attend the Revenue 2012 webinar.
  • Schedule a Sales Optimization Review with 3FORWARD following the webinar to finalize your 2012 plan, goals and key performance indicators.

At this event both Jim and Dan will dive into the three questions you must address in your 2012 sales planning process.  Answer them fully and you will significantly increase the odds that you will not only meet – but exceed – your revenue targets next year.

If you fail to do so, you may well find yourself having more Maalox Moments than you’d like in 2012.

We look forward to seeing you on September 21!


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